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The U.S. is setting out to conquer Green Is Better’s healthy and balanced quick service restaurants!

Faced with the development of serious obesity-related public health problems and diseases, a generalized awareness of the need to eat better as well as the impact of junk food on the environment, we note a budding interest for healthy and wholesome food among American citizens. This interest is apparent in the development of alternative practices by the country’s largest brands as well as in the development of new brands.

Indeed, after numerous awareness campaigns, American citizens are now seemingly aware of the need to eat better, even within fast food restaurants. This awareness has led the biggest fast food companies to bring out new menu options. Such is the case with McDonald’s, now offering hamburgers free from artificial flavors, colorants, and preservatives in 15,000 of its fast food restaurants. This change was announced on September 26, 2018 and the news made its way around the world. It just goes to show the importance of consumer awareness on the need for clean eating. It must be noted that consumers of the famous brand can still opt for the traditional version if they so wish.

Open a healthy food restaurant in franchise with green is better is the trendy buzz all over the world

Apart from this new development, we are also witnessing the emergence of a real interest in organic products and wholesome food. An organic diet is not necessarily synonymous with a balanced diet. As such, Americans are increasingly focusing on the nutritional value of their meals and their effect on body-mind health. This turning point is evidenced by changes in consumer habits, particularly among young people.


Seeing as nearly a third of the U.S. population is obese, the country faces a serious public health problem. As a result, turning to healthy and tasty fast food options such as Green Is Better is a great way to reduce this problem and to address the citizens’ concerns. What we have here is a true market opportunity for healthy and wholesome fast food. Green Is Better fulfills this market demand by serving up fast and delicious meals.


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