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//Moving to the U.S.: a love story…that lasts!

Moving to the U.S.: a love story…that lasts!

The United States and the franchise system are wrapped up in an age-old love story. The franchise was born in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century and gradually expanded across the territory. Today, there are over 3,000 active franchise networks in the United States, some of them world-famous. In 2009, close to 900,000 U.S. establishments were part of a franchise network: a figure estimated by PwC. According to the latest estimates, it appears that for every dollar spent, one-third goes to a franchisee. By the look of these numbers, it is clear that the United States has the largest franchise system in the world.


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There are two types of franchise networks in the United States: the product distribution franchise and the business format franchise. The first has nothing to do with the franchise as we know it in France, since it is a system akin to a license authorizing trademark use. The second format better corresponds to the French model since it includes a transfer of know-how in addition to the franchisee’s right to use the brand name.


The most famous U.S. franchises include Dunkin’ Donuts (donut specialist), Subway (custom-made sandwiches), McDonald’s (fast food giant that needs no presentation), 7/Eleven Inc. (small supermarket chain) and many others that you’ve already heard of. Franchises are most prevalent in the state of California, Texas, Florida, and New York. These states alone are home to more than 230,000 franchised establishments.


Do you already see yourself in the United States? Just try to bide your time and hang in there for now. You must first obtain a visa. An option is to apply for a business development visa, but your project must be well underway to demonstrate that your business has true potential. Moreover, it should be emphasized that corporate law is under the jurisdiction of the Federated States. In other words, the legislation varies depending on the state in which you want to establish your business. To obtain a visa, you must also possess a substantial amount of investment funds.


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