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//2 hours that will transform your life: the Green Is Better discovery day

2 hours that will transform your life: the Green Is Better discovery day

The Green Is Better discovery introduces candidates to the company’s activities and provides an in-depth look at the world of franchising.


First off, hosting a discovery day allows everyone to get an accurate and realistic view of the life of a Green Is Better franchisee. It is an honesty incentive aimed at answering all of your questions and allowing you to see what our profession entails. You can also directly engage with people who have developed their own franchise restaurant.

The Green Is Better discovery day promises 2 life-changing hours of learning and interaction. You will meet people with particularly inspiring career paths— people who started from the ground up, giving up jobs they no longer enjoyed and making the ultimate decision to become an entrepreneur. They will give you the keys to successfully implementing this radical lifestyle change and tell you about all the benefits associated with taking this major leap.


One thing is for sure. The discovery day will help you truly understand what the life of a Green Is Better franchisee looks like and what it can offer you. The people you encounter will not only reassure you but also inform you on the more difficult aspects of the business so that you can move ahead in full awareness. Altogether, the people you meet at discovery day will inspire you and help you gain a deeper understanding of the profession that we set forth.


Finally, participating in the Green Is Better discovery day will help you understand our values in greater detail. You will find that we place quality and consumer satisfaction at the core of our concerns. All our actions are aimed at satisfying the customer and serving up a high-quality meal in record time. We will also explain why we source products from local agriculture, and so much more!

Open a 100% Organic or 100% Vegetarian restaurant, will give yourself a fresh start.

Green is better successfully assists candidates in over 23 countries!

The most profitable food restaurant in franchise ? yes it’s green is better !

In conclusion, join us for discovery day with a single expectation in mind: to meet professionals who love what they do and who are willing to share impressions on their profession.


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Green organizes 3 discovery days each month.

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