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//10 mood-boosting facts about Green restaurants :-)

10 mood-boosting facts about Green restaurants :-)

In what follows, we will list 10 positive attributes of Green Is Better restaurants, giving you a taste of what you’ll experience if you join us as a customer or a franchisee.


  1. Our products are sourced from local agriculture


Thanks to our locally-sourced products, you can be mindful about what’s on your plate. With our scrumptious salads, you’re guaranteed to eat something that’s good for you while boosting the local economy: it’s a win-win!


  1. Compose your own salad


As a Green Is Better customer, you decide what goes into your salad. So pick your favorites and enjoy the salad of your dreams.


  1. Delight in a homemade dessert


Finish off your meal on a sweet note with one of our delectable homemade desserts that are sure to gratify your sweet tooth.


  1. Our restaurants are run by self-employed professionals who take pride in their work


Just stop by and see for yourself how their commitment shines through their work attitude.


  1. Our salads are chock-full of healthy nutrients


Our products are selected on the basis of taste and nutrient content. Dig in! You will leave feeling satisfied and invigorated.


  1. The Green Pass comes with privileges


Our Green Pass allows our customers to cumulate benefits. So take off and enjoy a first class meal with this card.


  1. Good ambiance


The layout of our establishments is handled with great care. When coming to our restaurants, you will enjoy a high-quality salad in a pleasant environment.


  1. Quick service


We are committed to serving you fast. Our restaurants are eager to provide fast service so that you can stop by even if you’re short on time.


  1. Your body will thank you for it!


When you stop by Green Is Better, you will be treating yourself to a healthy and balanced meal. Your body will surely be thanking you after enjoying an excellent salad in one of our establishments.


  1. Service with a smile!


Our staff will welcome you with a smile. You too will be smiling after having the first bite of your salad.

So don’t hesitate: join Green Is Better! When you invest in a Green Is Better franchise, you give yourself the means to succeed.

There are several options to choose from:

  • Open a Vegetarian Restaurant, open Organic Salad Bar, open a SaladBar in franchising
  • Open a 100% ecological version of the classic salad bar with Green Is better and do your part to promote healthy and balanced nutrition.
  • Purchase a franchise in the healthy food business.


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View the ecological version of the Green salad bar in 3D:


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