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//A comparison of quick service restaurant concepts

A comparison of quick service restaurant concepts

A wide range of quick service restaurant concepts exist in France. From simple fast food to the most elaborate concepts, the choices can be difficult to navigate.

The salad bar segment is also rather fragmented, meaning that you can opt for one of several alternatives. For this reason, we’re going to run a comparison to help you make the most informed choice. Four components can be used to establish a comparison between the various types of quick service and salad restaurant concepts in France: personal contribution, total number of establishments, global presence, and financial aid. Together, these criteria endow the quick service restaurant concept with reliability and ample opportunities.

to become a franchisee with green is better :


Personal contribution


The personal contribution required to open a Green Is Better franchise is one of the lowest on the market. The sum amounts to just 25,000 euros. This differentiates Green Is Better from other contenders and affirms our great willingness to make the franchise business venture accessible to as many people as possible.

Opening a restaurant with green is better will offer you the opportunity to invest in the healthy food business with a very low investment


Total number of establishments


The total number of establishments is a particularly important term of comparison between quick service restaurant concepts in France. Indeed, having a high number of establishments guarantees several benefits such as access to a solid network and a true franchisee community, factual experience in opening and developing a franchise, and even validation of client interest in the brand. Green Is Better has many establishments— with 64 restaurants open to date.


Global presence


In addition to national expansion, the presence of a company on an international scale often vouches for its quality and does wonders for its reputation. By ensuring a global presence, a company can secure high revenues and, thus, reliability. When you team up with Green Is Better, you enter an international network of establishments that will help you discover a wealth of good practices and develop your business in perfect tranquility.

Opening an organic salad bar or an ethically green restaurant with Green Is Better, you are guaranteed support on your path to success.

Joining the organic green restaurant network is a true civic act!


Financial aid


Lastly, Green Is Better helps franchisees rapidly develop their business by providing financial aid. This reduces the barriers associated with entering the franchise in order to start the ball rolling as quickly as possible.

open a green restaurant or a 100% organic restaurant with franchise…

Summary table


Personal contribution Total number of establishments Global presence Financial aid
Green Is Better 25,000 euros 64 Yes Yes
Eat Salad 100,000 euros 17 No Yes
Green sur Mesure 70,000 euros 9 No No
Copper Branch 120,000 euros 19 Yes No



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