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//Are salad bars on the way to dominating the French franchise market?  

Are salad bars on the way to dominating the French franchise market?  


The franchise model has been developing in France for some years now. Rising from 929 franchisors in 2005 to 1976 in 2017, the franchise market plays a reading role in France, peaking at 59.55 billion euros in annual turnover. With nearly 15,000 franchisees, food franchises emerge as a leading player on this market. It should be noted that France has an economic climate that is conducive to franchising, what with it ranking first in Europe and third worldwide in terms of the sector’s economic weight.


Today, fast casual restaurants are emerging at the heart of the French food franchise development. As a result, salad bars could very well dominate the French franchise market in the coming years. Highly praised, the salad bar model allows for rapid and diverse establishment schemes whilst complying with a set of quality criteria. The salad bar concept is easy to replicate and can lead to rapid inaugurations of new locations, enabling a rapid return on investment.


Based on the United States model, the salad bar concept meets the needs of the times in terms of fast and satisfying dining. Shortening midday mealtimes is a determining factor in the success of such establishments. These establishments allow clients who are pressed for time to dine quickly. However, beyond the simple provision of food services, the salad bar also enables customers to eat healthy. At the heart of this value offer lies Green Is Better’s commitment to sourcing products from local agriculture in order to infuse meaning into the customers’ meals. Opening an organic salad bar with Green Is Better is a guaranteed success thanks to the group’s 12 years of experience throughout the world.

The Green Is Better saladbar franchise exists in France since 2007.

Opening a salad bar restaurant or a 100% Organic or Vegetarian SaladBar with Green Is Better will be the most profitable investment.

In addition, it should be noted that other catering concepts have reached cruising speed and are facing a declining customer base. The salad bar trend is only just emerging and could really take off in the years to come. Thus, choosing to open a salad bar in France as a franchisee is also a way to place a bet on the future because it allows entrepreneurs to anticipate new trends and capitalize on them. Without a doubt, salad bars are on the fast track to secure first place on the French franchise market: now here’s an evolution to track and possibly join in on!



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