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//What’s the scoop on organic versus balanced eating?

What’s the scoop on organic versus balanced eating?

In recent years, meal quality has become of major concern for French society as a whole, generating lessons of critical importance for the years to come. From the development of fast food chains to a greater awareness of the need to eat better, nutrition is now the focus of many topics.


Given that 6.5 million French people suffer from obesity (14.5% of the population), eating well is a necessity in terms of both personal and public health concerns. According to the latest studies, the obesity rate in France has actually increased, rising from 8.5% of the population in 1997 to 14.5% in 2009. Balanced eating helps to address this particularly important health concern. This is a crucial national issue as evidenced by the development of awareness campaigns. With that being said, balanced eating is also important from a personal point of view. By keeping a balanced diet, you assure a sufficient nutritional intake to perform at the peak of your physical and intellectual abilities.


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Additionally, the latest health research has established a close correlation between organic food consumption and a lower risk of developing cancer. The benefits of organic food have made it increasingly popular with French consumers. With a growth of 16% in 2017, the organic food sector is showing real progress and is increasingly present in our daily consumption. Between 2011 and 2016, the organic crop acres increased by 60%. All indicators show that the organic sector in France is on the rise. In addition, an organic diet can also help create a more meaningful dining experience featuring meals that work in harmony with nature and the environment.


Thus, keeping a balanced and organic diet engenders many benefits, such as strengthening your health and performance. If you want to actively respond to public health, environmental, and personal development concerns without having to make the choice between a balanced and an organic diet, then look no further: with Green Is Better, you can eat organic, balanced meals on the run. Talk about meeting all of your needs!


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