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//Why social networking is a must for best food franchises

Why social networking is a must for best food franchises

Social networks constitute a particularly important means of acquiring new customers no matter the brand or the establishment. Franchisees can use social networks to build a community around their establishment and while contributing to the development of Green is Better’s reputation. Ultimately, social network use by franchisees increases client traffic at all establishments.


 Two social networks that franchisees must opt for


Some social networks must be prioritized by franchisees. First up is Facebook, a major social network that prides itself on having over 2.25 billion users worldwide with over 30 million of them in France (i.e. every second person). With Facebook, you can reference a location as well as receive client feedback and directly interact with them. Instagram is another essential social network, and especially useful when it comes to a catering business. Building a devoted Instagram community can have the added benefit of generating an appetizing display for the business. With over a billion users worldwide and over 12 million users in France, maintaining an Instagram account is indispensable for franchisees. In addition to the aforementioned networks, franchisees can also use Twitter and Youtube.

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 Type of content that franchisees should publish on social networks


Publishing high quality content fosters user involvement and builds a devoted community around your establishment and around Green Is Better. Thus, publishing high quality content not boosts client traffic and the brand’s reputation at the same time.


For starters, Facebook supports a wide array of content items: contests, promotions, salad photos, videos, etc. Your Facebook page design should aim at stimulating human interchange: publishing content is not enough. You must also encourage feedback and spark discussions with people who respond to your posts. Furthermore, you should bear in mind that that users can review an establishment on Facebook. By keeping the information up-to-date and staying close to the community, a Facebook page can be a real boon.


On Instagram, photos are an absolute priority. Our salad bar business is particularly suited to this activity, so enjoy! Highlight your know-how through beautiful photos of your products and salads. Lastly, use the “stories” feature to interact with your community and to offer a peek into the inner workings of your establishment.

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Franchisees have everything to gain by using social networks, especially Facebook and Instagram. Social network use helps build recognition for the franchisee and consolidates the brand’s reputation. There is no doubt that franchisees should place social networks at the heart of their activities.

During the first 12 months of activity, new members launching a saladbar franchising activity with Green is Better are assisted by the Green is Better network’s Webmaster service dedicated to this end.

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